Connecting Neighbors: Michael Bingham

ADHD has become a common word in today’s society that was often overlooked or under diagnosed in the past. Michael Bingham relates well with the challenges ADHD brings as he too has this diverse ability, as he prefers to refer to it.

Michael is an artist, sculptor, educator and activist for people with special needs and the founder of Jump the Moon, a nonprofit organization. He has harnessed the creative power of his own ADHD to create art and opportunities that bring out the best in people as they discover their own artistic talents.

For so many, Michael has uncovered the artistic talents buried under mental or physical challenges and provides lessons in art for those who never could imagine they “had it in them!”

The building for Jump the Moon (that name is another interesting story!), was located on Main Street in downtown Logan until the building was sold. Michael had to pack up and move out. For now he says Jump the Moon is homeless, but that hasn’t stopped him. If anything, with his positive attitude he holds onto his dreams and shows an excitement in his voice about his vision for the future. He considers this bump in the road a new opportunity to re-evaluate how things were done in the past and how things can be done differently in the future.

To learn more about Jump the Moon, the progress in starting up again and finding out how you can help, visit their website at or contact Michael by email at [email protected]

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