Connecting Neighbors: Falene Hough

Chris and Falene Hough know all too well how autism can sneak up on parents and take them totally unaware. Two of their four boys are autistic.  When their oldest son Aidan was diagnosed, Falene suspected there was something going on with him as he was non-verbal at two years old. They had his hearing checked and other testing done before he was diagnosed as autistic.

Even though their first son was diagnosed, they missed the signs with their second son.  His issues were much different than his brother’s. When it was suggested that their second son Gavin might also have autism, Falene was able to link his sensory and anxiety issues as a totally different spectrum of autism than his brother’s.

One of the reasons the Houghs moved to Cache Valley from Texas was for a program at USU called Autism Support Services; Education, Research and Training (ASSERT). The program is given high marks by the Houghs and you can find more information online about the program.

Falene also suggests people Google “DSM5 Autism Diagnosis.” This provides the symptoms that professionals look for. She says being armed with that information and sharing it with your pediatrician can be a great help to move in the right direction.

You can also go on Facebook to Cache Valley Autism Support group.

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