Connecting Neighbors: Lucy & Jana Galarus

For Lucy Galarus, cerebral palsy and other disabilities are a way of life, and she does not let them define who she is and what she can accomplish.

As a fourteen-year-old, eighth grade student, Lucy is mature beyond her years.  Born with cerebral palsy she has never taken a back seat when it comes to having the will to accomplish goals. As a straight A student, she accepts life’s challenges and works through them.  Lucy has great aspirations for her future and her tenacious nature won’t allow boundaries to stop her.

Lucy can be described as a “teacher” when it comes to knowing and understanding the laws that protect people with disabilities (ADA), and she does not shy away from explaining them to others. At times she has taken people to task about what is accurate and legal when it comes to the requirements of the law.  She can and will advocate for herself and doesn’t stop when it comes to advocating for others in her situation.

For Lucy, her parents are the “wind beneath her sails,” always encouraging her to try new challenges. They have told her she can do things that others do; however, she just might have to do them differently—and she has proven them right!

Lucy and her mom, Jana, are willing to share Lucy’s story and provide inspiration to others about how to include and connect to people with similar disabilities.  For more information, please contact Lucy’s dad, Doug Galarus, at [email protected].

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