Connecting Neighbors: Andrea Tatkon-Coker

Not having a place to worship your faith in a community where you live often results in a form of isolation. When people do not understand the practices of your faith, it can result in misunderstandings and incorrect ideas of what you do believe.  In addition, when your religious holidays are not the same as Christian holidays, it can present issues for your whole family.

Andrea Tatkon-Coker and her husband Jim are Jewish. Andrea believes it’s important to educate people about Judaism, and she does that as often as she finds the opportunity.  In her interview, Andrea offers a short peek into their faith as reformed Jews and how commonalities can be found to connect many faiths together.

Jim and Andrea came to Cache Valley for Jim’s job as a cardiologist. After a short stay, they left their home in the valley for a different assignment. Over the many years in-between, they decided not to sell their home and often used it as a place for area students to live.  They kept their home here because they knew the mountains would someday call them back.  Since Jim became semi-retired, they returned to pick up where they left off as part of the Cache Valley community.

During the interview, Andrea provides insight into the Jewish religion, the circumstances they had to address by living here, a short history on Israel, as well as issues between the Jews and the Palestinians. She also provides an interesting perspective on why Jews and Muslims can live together peacefully, and why they are able to experience true friendships with each other.

To contact Andrea Tatkon-Coker for a speaking engagement, email Carol at [email protected].

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