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Cache Community Connections

A Civic and Interfaith Council

The CCC’s Purpose is... to respond to the essential interconnectedness of all Cache Valley’s residents. to dispel myths related to our various faiths and/or ethnicity. to encourage and support community activities that are, by their very nature, religiously and culturally unifying. to engage in educational activities designed to increase community awareness of and respect for religious and cultural diversity. to share our experiences in the CCC with the larger community of children, youth and adults.

About Us

Cache Community Connections (CCC) is composed of a group of interfaith religious and civic leaders….


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Connecting Neighbors

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Origins of CCC

Revisit the founding of CCC with this new interview series.

Origins of CCC: Teresa Harris

Teresa Harris was the Executive Secretary to the Mayor of Logan at the time of 9/11. She has held the position of secretary to Cache Community Connections from its early formation and continues to hold that position at this time. She is given credit by her peers for making CCC successful due to her contributions over these many years.

Origins of CCC: Dean Quayle

Dean Quayle shares his memories of the founding of CCC.

New Series: Origins of Cache Community Connections

In September of 2001, the entire nation was reeling from an unexplained attack on unsuspecting citizens. Anger quickly replaced surprise. Even though Logan and its neighboring communities in Cache Valley were known as quiet and peaceful, whisperings of the growing unrest seen in other parts of the country began to be heard here. Some began to look at others in our communities with concern and distrust because their speech, dress, and customs suggested a possible alliance with extremists.  Sensing the potential for conflict within our previously peaceful communities, then-Mayor Doug Thompson of Logan invited leaders from government, business, civic organizations, education, and faith communities to join in a discussion and plan a response.  Cache Community Connections (CCC) was born and given a mission to unify, educate, and inspire a community with growing diversity in background, experience, culture, religious beliefs, and aspirations.


We have interviewed some of those community leaders who were present during those initial conversations. Their insights and recollections are presented here as both a reminder of the conditions that existed at the time of CCC’s founding and as a compass directing us to future goals. Their vision is expressed in an early statement from CCC: “Cache Community Connections is composed of a group of interfaith religious and civic leaders. It extends an open-door invitation to the leaders representing all religions and denominations and civic groups in Cache Valley in the belief that spiritual leadership and unity are vital to our community’s well-being.”