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Cache Community Connections

A Civic and Interfaith Council

The CCC’s Purpose is... to respond to the essential interconnectedness of all Cache Valley’s residents. to dispel myths related to our various faiths and/or ethnicity. to encourage and support community activities that are, by their very nature, religiously and culturally unifying. to engage in educational activities designed to increase community awareness of and respect for religious and cultural diversity. to share our experiences in the CCC with the larger community of children, youth and adults.

About Us

Cache Community Connections (CCC) is composed of a group of interfaith religious and civic leaders….


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Connecting Neighbors

Watch our community interview series.

Origins of CCC

Revisit the founding of CCC with this new interview series.

Origins of CCC: Said Ghabayen

Said Ghabayen was the president of the Logan Islamic Center when the CCC was founded. He shares his story around the events of 9/11.

Origins of CCC: Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson was the mayor of Logan, Utah at the time of 9/11. During that time, he spearheaded the forming of Cache Community Connections with several other faith groups and community leaders to help bring the community together through interfaith events.

Origins of CCC: Marianne Anderson

Marianne Anderson is one of the original members of Cache Community Connections. Now living in Flensburg, Germany. Marianne is starting up a similar group to CCC in the town of Flensburg. She continues to be involved with Cache Community Connections from afar via zoom!