Connecting Neighbors: Miho Everitt


Miho Everitt attended the Yamaha Music School in Osaka, Japan where she began to study music at the age of four. At the age of nine, she became a student of Virtuoso Jorg Demus.  At nine years old, she also won the All Japan Piano Competition. Since then she has won numerous competitions in Japan, including the All Japan soloist contest.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in music from the Soai University in Osaka, she moved to the United States. She enrolled in the master’s piano performance program at the University of Utah. She wasn’t able to finish her master’s once she started a family. But she continues to be a master without the degree!

Miho’s story holds “more to the story” when she tells about her decision to take a DNA test which uncovered a deep family secret. The test has given her some great insight about people and the prejudices they hold. Many may be surprised to find that those they hold prejudicial opinions about may be some of their relatives!

Miho continues to teach piano lessons and can be reached at 435-764-2960. Her email is [email protected].  You can also view her profile at

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