Connecting Neighbors: Farrell Edwards

Ninety years old means different things to different people. For Farrell Edwards it means there’s a lot of work yet to be done.   When he was about 83 years old, Farrell was going to retire from the Physics Department at USU, but he had his own conditions.   He wanted to retire and keep his office and have his own lab for his research. And he got it!

Every day he goes to his lab and continues to work with his team on research for the possibility of containing ionized gas.   The goal is to use the ionized gas for thermonuclear fusion.  This theory has been patented. His hope is that his mind will stay sharp as he continues toward having this theory become a way of life for us and future generations.

Farrell and his wife Ann have raised ten children. When asked what their secret to staying happily married for so long, Farrell says, “You have to find the right one!” He shares how he did that in his video interview.  Ann chimes in, “I almost missed out with another close second.” I’m guessing if she would have missed out, they both would have missed out!  These two have walked through life hand-in-hand for 66 years and counting.

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