Connecting Neighbors: Clare Ahn

Clare Ahn, with her husband, Professor Yong Kim, came to the United States from South Korea. After attending the University of Iowa, they settled in Cache Valley in 2002. Living in the valley was an easy transition for Clare, her husband and their two boys.  Raised a Catholic, she has been thankful for the community her faith has given them.  Also, Cache Valley people have always made them feel welcome and safe.

At USU, Clare’s husband is a professor in the Department of Data Analytics and Information Systems. Their boys were born here and attended K-12 schools. Their oldest son, David, recently graduated from Notre Dame, with a major in pre-med. Their youngest son, Daniel, attends the University of Utah majoring in computer science.

Clare has the beautiful gift of music, playing both piano and organ. She shares that gift most Sundays at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. A great addition to her beautiful performance, she is often accompanied by her boys who both play violin.

When asked what people can do to foster good relationships in their communities, Clare remarks that bad experiences shouldn’t define our opinion of those who can be identified with those negative experiences.  We are all different and should not be labeled.  People should all seek out those with common interests, including sports, hobbies, or joining organizations that offer common goals. This can be a start to helping provide positive interaction, which results in growing healthy relationships.

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