Connecting Neighbors: Aaron Timm

Once you’ve had the opportunity to experience Aaron Timm’s sense of humor and wit, it leaves you with wanting to get to know more about her. It doesn’t take long to realize she’s a great conversationalist and quite smart. And it would be remiss to not also point out that she is a talented writer.

All this and you’d think she wouldn’t have any problems fitting in anywhere. Unfortunately, she has oftentimes been short-changed because she has challenges that set her apart from what people consider to be normal.

Aaron has albinism. Albinism is a group of inherited disorders where there is little or no production of the pigment melanin. Therefore, someone with albinism has no pigment in their skin, hair, or eyes. There are different degrees of albinism and Aaron says unfortunately, she got “the whole package,” which includes blindness.

However, Aaron is a woman who has found her way and is going to do all she can to keep things from getting in her way. She does credit her husband for helping her become more independent and motivated to take hold of the talents she has and developing them. He was the one who encouraged her to take all she is capable of doing and move out of her comfort zone. She has done that and seems to have “found herself” in many ways. She eventually went back to college (after a few bumps in the road) and accomplished getting two college degrees.

She also puts herself out into the community by taking part in writing workshops. She feels she is building “family” through what she can share in her writing. It not only helps her; it helps those who relate to her experiences. No, her blindness has not stopped her writing. She reads using a magnifier and she says she’s getting better at braille every day.

Aaron’s story provides a chance to see that there is a lot more to a person than what first impressions often skip over. As a person with the challenges she has faced, she offers much value to the Cache Valley community.

To contact Aaron Timm for a speaking engagement, email [email protected].

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